Is a chronograph,

that directly aims to the heart of mechanical watch lovers. STRELA is transcribed in cyrillic as “СТРЕЛА”. СТРЕЛА translated into English means “Arrow”. Our watches often come in both, latin and cyrillic script and we think of this as a great option to choose from.

STRELA watches are made in Russia and Germany. For our collections we utilize genuine Russian MakTime movements, which are mechanical chronographs with notable reputation but nevertheless moderate price.

Classic STRELA Watch

A time traveller,

that was once the vintage СТРЕЛА – a quite small 36mm chronograph model primarily made for the military, cosmonauts, high ranking officials and other awarded individuals in the Soviet Union. Later during the production period it was available to anyone with some spare rubles. It was the use in cosmos however what made this watch an icon for Russian watch lovers. Today STRELA watches are contemporary manufactured timepkeepers that are rewriting the special DNA from the past.

Find out more about the historic background here.

A Brand.

STRELA Watch is a brand and registered trademark developed by the Russian born engineer Juri Levenberg. Today he is living and working in Munich, Germany. He is a long term collector of Russian watches and as of today his collection contains something over three thousand Russian watches. Mr. Levenberg is the author of two hardcover books and other paperback publications about Russian watches. Since more then a decade he follows his vision of manufacturing mechanical timepieces. STRELA and other brands were the logic steps to realize this vision.

STRELA The Arrow

Is it a Russian watch?

Some fans of vintage and Russian watches like those that were made in the Soviet-Union/Soviet Russia/CCCP/UDSSR and Russia, might not acknowledge the present-day STRELA watches as truly Russian. Inherently it’s quite that though. Owners of Russian origin, genuine Russian movements, fully assembled watches by MakTime, Russian watchmakers and even Russian designers tie this brand to Russian horology. The Russian blood in our veins is something we can’t deny, however  we are a company based in Munich, that also benefits from excellent German professionals.

Strela watches