Avoid to shower, taking a bath or even go swimming with your STRELA! A hard knock also might cause your watch to lose its water-resistance, without you realizing it. STRELA’s are qualified as 3ATM water resistant. That means it is protected against a little moist, sweat and water drops. 3ATM is not a statement that you can dive down to 30m! We recommend to keep your watch safe during activities were a lot of water is involved. Anyway, in a worst case scenario you might see some fog beneath your crystal one day. In that case, please contact us immediately and prepare to send the watch to us for service. The longer you wait, the more damage could occur.


For all bracelets (except leather and delicate straps) and for all water resistant watch cases use a toothbrush with mild soapy water for gentle cleaning and then use a soft cleaning cloth for drying.

A day at the beach

As said, please avoid bathing or swimming, but if you wear your watch near saltwater, i.e. you have a great day at the beach, you can carefully wipe your watch with a lukewarm watered soft cloth afterwards. Use another soft cleaning cloth for drying. Remember, when it comes to water – less is more!

Magnetic fields:

Avoid placing your watch on speakers or other electrical motors with strong magnetic fields as they can affect the running and precision of your STRELA watch.


A hard knock might cause diverse damages to your watch. Please avoid all types of shocks, including thermal shocks.


Avoid extreme temperatures above 60C/140 F, and below -10C/14F. Extreme temperature changes can affect the precision of your watch.

And finally…

If you have any question regarding the maintenance of your STRELA-Watch, please contact us or your nearest STRELA-Dealer.