STRELA, a moon watch?

Well, not that we know, but we think this article posted on is an interesting read.

Most “watch nerds” are familiar with the story of the Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moon watch” and the ensuing cult of flight certified and flown wristwatches. However like many things in the cold war, including the Space ShuttleConcord, and the Harrier behind the iron curtain a shadowy mirror image could be found competing with the western version. In the Soviet Union in the 1960’s and 70’s there was another column wheel chronograph strapped to the wrist of a man hanging in raw vacuum and remorselessly ticking away.
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Space Watch battle

Space Watch Service in the US

We just came upon a fine Blog entry about the space watch battle from Times Ticking, a watch repair specialist based in the US, Layton, Utah. These guys seem to collect brilliant reviews in the hundreds for their work on your precious timepieces. We have no current affiliation but it seems they even like to service your Strela Watch.

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Vladimir Komarov

Vladimir Mikhaylovic Komarov

(Born March 16, 1927, Moscow – April 24, 1967, Orenburg Oblast) was a Soviet cosmonaut. He was the first Soviet cosmonaut to travel into space more than once, and the first human to die during a space mission, on Soyuz 1. (Wikipedia)

1967 April 23 | 00:35 GMT | Soyuz 1 launch
Launch Site: Baikonur. Launch Complex: Baikonur LC1. LV Family: R-7. Launch Vehicle: Soyuz 11A511. LV Configuration: Soyuz 11A511 U15000-04. Crew: Komarov. Backup Crew: Gagarin. Payload: Soyuz 7K-OK s/n 4. Mass: 6,450 kg (14,210 lb). Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Komarov; Gagarin. Agency: MOM. Program: Soyuz. Class: Manned. Type: Manned spacecraft. Flight: Soyuz 1; Soyuz 2A. Spacecraft: Soyuz 7K-OK. Duration: 1.12 days. Decay Date: 1967-04-24. USAF Sat Cat: 2759 . COSPAR: 1967-037A. Apogee: 223 km (138 mi). Perigee: 197 km (122 mi). Inclination: 50.8000 deg. Period: 88.70 min.

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Some of the first new 42mm STRELAs are prepared in our Munich workshop for shipping. The STRELA 42mm chronograph was a long awaited project and is finally launched.

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poljot 3017 parts list technical drawing

We managed to get our hands on the complete Mashpriborintorg – Catalogue of spare parts for watches, including the POLJOT 3017 sheets of spare parts. We think this is a nice resource for anybody interested.

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After a while of research we finally managed to get our hands on the rare EBAUCHES SA, Valjoux 7734, 7733, 7736 TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION No. 24 / Service manual. We think the resemblances to the Poljot/MakTime 3133 make this a nice resource for anybody interested.

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Another interesting document. The VENUS 150 Vénus S. A. technical communication from Fabrique d’Ebauches with a spare parts list. The resemblances to the Poljot 3017 make this a nice resource for anybody interested.

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