We’re dedicated to crafting timeless mechanical watches that combine reliability and beauty.

Our Heritage

In the late 1990s, we embarked on a mission to revive the iconic STRELA watch, blending classic Soviet design with the contemporary Russian Poljot 3133 movement. Our collaboration with the 1st Moscow Watch Factory gave birth to the 3133 STRELA chronographs.

Reversal & Recovery

Despite facing economic challenges, we preserved Russian watchmaking heritage by partnering with MakTime. They acquired machinery and staff for the production of 31 cal. movements, ensuring the continuation of the STRELA legacy. Today, our watches feature genuine Russian Poljot cal. 31 movements.

Our Mission

We constantly strive to improve and provide affordable, readable, and grand-looking mechanical chronographs and watches. While we can’t develop expensive in-house movements, our mission is to offer unique horological heritage.

Challenges Ahead

In today’s competitive watch industry, we face challenges. However, our commitment to supporting the Russian watch industry remains steadfast. We stay to STRELA’s origin, using Russian movements, despite the bankruptcy of MakTime in over 12 years ago (2012).

Join us on our journey of evolution, preserving the DNA of the СТРЕЛА ancestor.