The Russian heartbeat

STRELA watches are powered by high quality Russian mechanical 31mm caliber watch movements, manufactured by our production partner, the MakTime Watch Factory in Moscow. These are the true Russian hearts embedded into our STRELA timepieces. In 2005 MakTime acquired the 1’st Moscow watch factory production line who produced the 31mm chronograph watch movements since the late 1970s. The staff from this production line was subsequently employed by MakTime.

The 31mm chronograph watch movement is unique to Russia. It is presented by a 31mm movement lineup that was built around the base of the Poljot 3133 movement with 23 ruby jewels, height: 7.38 mm, coulisse lever system, Glucydur balance, anti-shock device, date calendar, central chronograph hand, side second hand and side minute counter.

Poljot 3133 Watch Movement
The most common modifications of the 3133 incorporate additional complications: The MakTime 31679 – a lunar calendar,  MakTime 31681 –  a 24-hours display, MakTime 31682 – a day/night indicator, the MakTime 31677 comes with a day of the week calendar and the MakTime 31659 with the Stop Second function.

Why MakTime watch movements?

For us, it was never a question which watch movements to choose for our STRELAs. Not only the convincing quality was the point, we wanted to stay true to the origin, make affordable watches and try to support the Russian watch industry.

The times are rough for an independent watch movement production. The global market and huge conglomerate companies make it hard to survive and operate a facility like MakTime. Mechanical timepieces have a heart. And our heartbeat is ticking the Russian way. We try that this will stay the way it is. A promise you can support us to achieve!

Refer to the listed watch movements and see what is powering our STRELAs.

Made in Russia

Russian MakTime movements are well known for their swiss-approaching quality. Why? The once acquired swiss machinery from Valjoux and swiss know-how got combined by the Russians with their legendary practical thinking and historical need for precision. Today that knowledge and the movement production lies in the trustworthy hands of the MakTime Watch Factory in Moscow, Russia. The Factory is owned and operated by Mr. Aleksandr Makarov. A man whose interest not only lies in the heritage of Russian horology but also in his over 700 Russian employes. A real big challenge in Russia today.

MakTime-Factory movement production

Image above: The new home for the Russian 31mm chronograph production – The MakTime Watch Factory.

Image above: The old 1‘st Moscow Watch Factory building.

The path behind MakTime

We supported Mr. Makarov in his dream to keep the Russian horology tradition alive. That dream sadly came to an end in 2012. MakTime was our movements supplier for STRELA and assembled our watches for us. They sadly filed bankrupt. We still think it was a big loss for Russian watchmaking industry.

We still use our MakTime stocks and some more Russian or other surprises. But it takes time.

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