Seagull ST1901

1901 SeaGull

The movement

The ST 1901 SeaGull is a 23 jewel, column wheel, chronograph, operating at 3 Hz (21,600 vph). It has a running second dial at the 9 o’clock position, a 30 minute counter sub-dial at 3 o’clock, and a sweep second counter mounted centrally along with the timekeeping minute and hour hands. The chronograph functions are controlled through two buttons, one (at 2 o’clock) for starting and stopping the chronograph, one (at 4 o’clock) for resetting the second and minute counters. The ST1901 has many family members, a precise and strong running chronograph watch movement.

Movement Calibre:31 mm
Movement height:5,85 mm
Ruby Jewels:21
Functions:hours, minutes, seconds, calendar, summing up stopwatch
Shock protectionYes
Frequency:3 Hz (21.600 vph)
Daily rate:from -10 to +40 s/day
Power reserve:Chronograph off: 50 h
Chronograph on: 45 h

Seagull ST1901 Movement

The Seagull ST1901 stands out as a version of the ST19 chronograph movement manufactured by the Tianjin Seagull Corporation, a Chinese watchmaker. The ST19 itself has a history being based on the Venus Calibre 175 movement. However, the ST1901 is a configuration of this movement that has gained recognition among watch enthusiasts due to its timeless design and practicality.

Features and Details about the Seagull ST1901

Two Register Layout

The ST1901 showcases a two register chronograph design. It includes a seconds dial positioned at 9 o’clock and a 30 minute counter sub dial at 3 o’clock. This layout is often associated with vintage and classic chronograph timepieces.

Continuous Seconds Tracking

The small seconds sub dial located at 9 o’clock provides tracking of seconds, making it convenient for wearers to keep track of time passage effortlessly.

Winding Movement

The ST1901 operates through winding, meaning it requires winding by turning the crown. Watch enthusiasts appreciate movements for their allure and connection to traditional watchmaking methods.

Column Wheel Mechanism

This movement incorporates a column wheel mechanism known for delivering precise operation of its chronograph functions. This feature is a distinguishing characteristic of premium chronograph movements.

Classic Appearance

The ST1901 is frequently found in watches that embrace a vintage or retro-inspired style. Its timeless charm can be attributed to its two register layout and the column wheel mechanism.

Dependable Functionality

Seagull has established itself as a manufacturer of movements, and the ST1901 lives up to this reputation. It provides timekeeping and seamless operation of the chronograph function.

The history

The ST1901 caliber to a wide extent is a Venus 175, but it is only a rumor that it is produced with the Swiss tools. Also, the ST1901 is roughly as well the same build type Then the Russian Poljot 3017 caliber – only with additional shock protection. The caliber is a reliable, precise and enduring.

History of the Seagull ST1901 Chronograph Movement

The history of the Seagull ST1901 chronograph movement is closely tied to the development of watchmaking in China. The Seagull Corporation, which manufactures this movement, has a significant role in the story of Chinese horology.

The Tianjin Seagull Corporation

The Tianjin Seagull Corporation was established in 1992 and is based in Tianjin, China. However, its roots trace back to the mid-20th century when the Chinese government initiated projects to develop domestic watch manufacturing capabilities. One of these projects, Project 304, aimed to create a Chinese-made chronograph wristwatch for air force personnel in the 1960s. The Tianjin Watch Factory was assigned the task of developing and producing this air force chronograph.

Chronograph Development

As part of their efforts to create this chronograph, Tianjin Watch Factory purchased machinery and designs from the Swiss Venus company, specifically the Venus Calibre 150 movement. They then upgraded this movement to create their own 19-jewel ST19 movement, which eventually became the foundation for the ST1901.

ST1901’s Historical Significance

The ST1901, based on the ST19, became a significant part of Chinese watchmaking history. The movement successfully met all the requirements and passed various tests, leading to an order for 1,400 of these watches for the Chinese air force in 1966.

Establishment of the Tianjin Seagull Corporation

Fast forward to the early 1990s, and the Tianjin Watch Factory was promoted to a national-level enterprise, leading to the establishment of the Tianjin Seagull Corporation in 1992. The “Seagull” brand, initially known as “DongFeng” or “East Wind,” had already gained recognition internationally as one of the first Chinese watches to be exported. This name was retained when the new corporation was formed.

Growth of Seagull Corporation

In the years that followed, the Seagull Corporation continued to evolve and expand its production capabilities. The Seagull ST1901 movement, as a part of the ST19 family, played a crucial role in this growth. It became renowned not only for its historical significance but also for its quality and affordability.

Legacy of the Seagull ST1901 Movement

The Seagull ST1901 movement embodies the spirit of Chinese watchmaking, showcasing the country’s ability to adapt and innovate while building on the foundations of international horological heritage. Today, it remains a testament to the evolution of Chinese watchmaking expertise and its place in the global watch industry.

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