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The Soviets stunned the world on March 18, 1965
with the first spacewalk (and the first EVA) performed by
Alexey Leonov from the Voskhod 2 spacecraft.


The Russian chronograph icon.

STRELA Watch is a pioneer in manufacturing mechanical watches with Russian movements. Most are driven by the legendary Poljot 3133, Poljot 31681, Poljot 31659 chronograph movements, some with Poljot 2612  Signal/Alarm. We will continue to release surprising first edition mechanical timepieces to enter the watch world.

Since the founding of the STRELA® brand in 1999, all STRELA’s were made towards a few principles: A fair price for history-making watch icons, precision, reliability, readability & simple operation.

  • Crafted with passion

    The 38mm STRELA chronograph was once the 1st project that we push forward into new models with persistence. We really care about the STRELA brands viability.

  • 2 years warranty

    Stay calm! Any new STRELAs come with a 24 months warranty and a lasting service promise following that time period. We care about our timepieces.

  • Long lasting companion

    A STRELA is a mechanical watch made to last. All part’s can be serviced or replaced and we like it that way.

  • Iconic Russian movements

    The 31mm Russian chronograph movement is an icon of Russian watchmaking. We will continue to build exciting watches with it for as long as we can. Nevertheless, we started to use the movement that fits STRELA the most. The Seagull ST1901.


A mechanical STRELA chronograph is a mechanical collector watch to enjoy in this digital world. Take good care of her, and she will award you with many years of service.


STRELA in Russian means ARROW

The  “СТРЕЛА” Watch

STRELA released new 42mm models. We hope you like the updates.

See our new collection overview where all our watches can be viewed and sorted. Поехали!

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