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STRELA ® Watch is a pioneer in manufacturing mechanical watches with Russian watch movements. They operate on the legendary 31mm Poljot 3133, 31681 chronograph movements, along with Russian Poljot 2612 Alarm. More Russia coming up soon.

New: Mad precision ST19 SeaGull Chinese chronograph movements. The new collection.

Decades ago we started to developed and release remarkable first edition mechanical watches from Russia. Small limited editions.

All watches were made towards a few central principles: Iconic watch Design, combined with precision, reliability, performance and great service.

  • 2o years ago the 38mm models were our 1st Poljot made chronograph. Followed by 42mm (MakTime), 44mm (Inhouse), and finally the 40mm (ST19) edition of the mechanical Russian cosmos / space watch.

  • Stay calm! Any new STRELA comes with a 24 months international warranty. A long lasting companion. We care about our timepieces. At any given time we service or repair your watch.

  • We like it that a STRELA is a mechanical watch made to last. Our watches are mechanical and all part’s can be serviced or replaced at any given time.

  • The Poljot chronograph is an icon of Russian watchmaking. We continue to build exciting watches with it. Stocks fade. That is why we started to use the perfect movement that fits a STRELA chronograph. The Sea-Gull ST19. Identical construction to the vintage Poljot 3017. Just give it a try.

Space Watch

Russian cosmonauts used STRELA watches in “Cosmos”. We honor these courageous women and men from the age of space exploration. Space watches are rare. We offer you an affordable way to get one.

Participate in that crazy technical journey of us. All at the fraction of the cost.

You do not need the swiss counterpart…


A STRELA mechanical chronograph is the exact watch for this digital world. Take good care of it, and it will award you with years of non-digital service. A sustainable Product!

This World needs more long lasting things. Let us make them for you.

Never stop. Not for you, but maybe for someone. Engrave your Strela, pass it on.


MakTime report

STRELA is made with mechanical Russian watch movements. Once by Poljot, then by MakTime. Moscow.

Today we started to use precision chinese ST19 movements for our watches. But Russia by heart is were we started to make our watches. Still worth to go for. Soon you will see more projects.

Read the full UHREN MAGAZIN factory report.

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