The STRELA 40 mm countdown is ticking

After years of continuous refinements, we finally are proud to announce our newest addition the mechanical STRELA chronograph lineup.


This thing was breeding for a while. 5 Years ago we started to think about this project. And today we introduce to you a new 40 mm STRELA for all your needs. This pal will follow you to many places.

With 10ATM and modular assembly capabilities in mind, we wanted to create a worthy ancestor to our Russian mechanical chronograph line. Even if we still have quite a few cool projects in the pipe that include Russian mechanical movements, we had to think about something that could meet the needs of our loyal fans and customers. BTW, big thanks for that! You are the reason why we keep on making what we love: mechanical watches.

The only logical decision for a new STRELA chronograph is the remarkably well-crafted successor of the Russian Poljot 3017 and the Swiss Venus 175. Our new 40 mm STRELAs will be powered by the well known and famous Seagull ST19 column wheel chronograph caliber, made by the Tianjin Watch Factory. This is great news and will add a more than welcome addition to our collection. And thanks to the column wheel, it will even feel much more similar to the real deal. The highly admired 3017 Strela chronograph. We think this really is a good thing, and we are excited you report the same experience back to us. And this will happen very soon…

Our batch of ST1901 movements for our first 40mm STRELA collection is finally made, tested and delivered. A few days ago we got our latest prototypes and that is what we show you here. There are smaller things not 100% final. So you could help to decide if this or that was the right decision, or not. We will find a channel to discuss. There are things regarding dials, the case and our prototype glass came out unexpected. So we need to find a few solutions. We let you know soon by updating this site with more details over the next days.

Thanks for now.