About STRELA Watch.
Mechanical chronographs, alarm, and stopwatches

STRELA transcribes to Cyrillic as “СТРЕЛА”.  СТРЕЛА in English transcribes to “Arrow”.

Our watches often come in Latin and Cyrillic versions. Options rooted in the vintage Soviet Design DNA.

A STRELA Watch is Russia and Germany combined. Our collections utilize Russian MakTime movements, a mechanical chronograph with notable reputation but nevertheless moderate price. Movements based on soviet Poljot 3133, 31681, 31679, 2612… And more.

Time traveler

The vintage СТРЕЛА was a small 36mm chronograph model primarily made for the military, pilots, cosmonauts, high ranking officials and other awarded individuals in the Soviet Union. Later available to anyone on a larger scale. It was the use in CCCP cosmos program that made the watch an icon for Russian watch friends. Today a STRELA watch is a contemporary manufactured time-keeper device rewriting a special DNA from the past.

Find out more about the historical background here.


STRELA® Watch is a registered trademark by the Russian born engineer Juri Levenberg. Living and working in Munich, Germany. A long-term collector of Russian watches. Mr. Levenberg is the author of two hardcover books and other paperback publications about Russian watches. For more than two decades he follows his vision of manufacturing mechanical timepieces with the STRELA and other brands.

STRELA The Arrow

Russian watch?

Some fans of vintage and Russian watches made in the Soviet-Union/Soviet Russia/CCCP/UDSSR and Russia, might not acknowledge the present-day STRELA watches as truly Russian. Inherently it’s quite close to that. Owners of Russian origin, genuine Russian movements, fully assembled watches made by the Poljot factory and later MakTime, Russian watchmakers, Russian designers and a passion for Russian watches tie this brand to Russian watchmaking.

The company is based in Munich, Germany.