Russian cosmonauts

widely used STRELA chronographs in orbit. The early Russian space watch. A perfect watch for a cosmonaut needs. To the public at first it was not widely known or promoted as other western manufacturers did with their Space-Watches. It simply was a useful timepiece and the best watch made by the Russian watchmaking factories during that time period.

Another secret of the success was that it was a real precise chronograph, and besides that, a gorgeous looking one. Another key to it’s then growing popularity was the aura of privilege to wear it. At the beginning STRELA watches were only issued to pilots, military personnel, cosmonauts, high ranking officials, scientists and other awarded persons.

STRELA Space Watch

The limited supply made it special back in the day. STRELA became synonym for the best Russian chronograph and a great success with by the end of the 1970s around 100.000 units build. After the introduction of the Poljot 3133 in the late 1970s this aura slowly faded away and finally vanished.

Nevertheless STRELA was the most popular Russian watch during the early days of space exploration. It was a gem that was buried under thousands of other Russian watches prior and following. It was our mission to bring STRELA back to life and to the wrists of watch fanatics all over the planet.

If we could, we would ship it with DHL Space.