Strela Website Launch January 2010

The STRELA® watch brand has served fans of Russian chronographs for almost a decade now and counting. The site is designed to become a reasonable home for the STRELA brand. The site itself may prove to be an informative place for all of those who are on a lookout for all the requisite information about the history and the various STRELA models that are available today.

The launch of this new website will certainly create a new experience for STRELA-Watch friends.

“We strive to provide an informative way to interact with our customers. With the internet being the medium for many to seek the answers to their questions, we try provide as much information we can regarding our watches. This will definitely help us to understand the questions our customers have and will enable us to serve them even better”

as stated by the companies CEO; Mr. Juri Levenberg.

It is a big quest to create and run a good website. This is a step towards it. Please allow some time for this site to evolve. There will be more pictures and even videos showing our products. If you think something is missing let us know. We are open to comments and suggestions from anyone. As stated, it´s the start of our homepage. There is more to come!

We work on detailed images, interesting videos, product sheets, manuals and a lot of other stuff. It‘s a lot to do and until then we hope you enjoy our new site already.

STRELA until today exclusively uses genuine Russian MakTime movements to power the iconic re-issue of Russian horology. The STRELA Watch. The watch and movement factory MakTime, Moscow is our production partner and the successor of the POLJOT chronograph production line. POLJOT manufactured the 31 mm cal. chronograph movement 3133 and other derivates for decades.

The STRELA-Watch brand is owned by the Russian-born engineer Juri Levenberg – He is a well known collector of Russian watches and author of various books and articles about Russian watches – As an distinguished expert on Russian timepieces and a pioneer in the field of importing Soviet/Russian watches to Germany and Europe, it was Mr. Levenberg during the beginning of the nineties who directed Russian watches on the agenda of curious watch collectors of the western hemisphere.

STRELA‘s mission today is to satisfy the desire of people who are in love with Russian watches and demand a good value for their money and like to wear a classic watch on their wrist.