STRELA Sweepstake winners

We have a winner! Congratulations.

From what we saw it will ship to the U.S.A. Winner will be informed via E-Mail. If the winner might not respond to his mail he watch will go to the next in line who is: “russamys”…


“russamys”, “mariyy”, “tajsdca” and “bricem13” were all drawn for a
little present and will be informed also. “russamy” however was
the 2nd draw and if our winner is not answering, good for him.

Sorry for all the others with not so much luck. If you stay in our newsletter there will be more chances.

Congratulations to pmassare…

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  1. Dewang Bhargav
    Dewang Bhargav says:

    Congrats Patrick,

    Thanks for the Comp Strela.

    I will continue to look out for future ones on the mailing list.

  2. Tiziano
    Tiziano says:

    I have just bought a strela’s watch (СТРЕЛА STRELA Poljot 31659.03.1 Goldwerk 14Ka Aviator
    ), but i would like to win another one…

    Congratulations to the winner!

  3. Russ Stover
    Russ Stover says:

    Hi, you noted that four of us were chosen for another small prize. Do we need to do something to claim it? Do you need our address? I do not want to seem impatient – just want to make sure I did not fail to provide you with the information you require. Thank you.

  4. Patrick Massare
    Patrick Massare says:

    Received my new watch today and it’s absolutely beautiful!!! I’ll send some pictures later…

    Thanks again!

  5. Russ Stover
    Russ Stover says:

    Thanks for the catalog! Very interesting. And I very much appreciate the gift certificate! I hope to be able to use it in the near future.


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